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Here is a demonstration of a bootable USB key to run the OLPC XO interface "Sugar" on a standard PC as well as an EEE pc.

The idea is to be able to develop on EEE for XO and also to use XO as another hardware platform for OLPC deployments.

Here is a bankers life and casualty presentation of Carousel Day School Xubuntu running on top of EEE exhibiting Sugar as window manager.

Physicians Billing Services Medical Billing Services Medical Billing Specialists Plenty of work needs bankers life and casualty to be done still:


Original distribution

Here are Merchant Services Protection Plan a few links to download the image link building and make it bootable:

The problem in global community communications alliance making a bootable USB key resides mostly in the fact that the "" script is expected to work on a Ubuntu system. If running this on another Howard Kaye Insurance kind of linux, make proposal software sure

  1. /media exists
  2. /usr/bin/syslinux is the syslinux executable to make the USB disk bootable.




Running Sugar




Sugar interface on EEE :)






In this case preciely, it's Orienteering Tools never Sugar that crashed but the application we were running. No need to restart as the Sugar UI is still running, so you can loan modification continue using your Sugar applications (except the one that crashed).

It seems that the crashing applications Dr Susan Lim are the one that use hardware specific to the XO.

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