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Babel is one of the three routing protocols tested at the Wireless_Battle_Mesh. The upstream Babel page:

Babel versions

0.93 is the most recent released version of Babel. It has some algorithmic changes w.r.t. 0.92, and is the version that we intend to test.


Babel doesn't need much, if any, configuration. Simply listing the interfaces participating in the mesh is enough:

babel wlan0 eth0


  • Babel uses some optimisations on wired interfaces. If you have interfaces that Babel mis-detects as wired (e.g. weird tunnelling setups, bridging), you need to specify the -w flag on Babel's command line;
  • Babel assumes bridged interfaces are wireless, i.e. disables the optimisations on bridged interfaces. The best solution is to un-bridge the interfaces.


The OpenWRT package for Babel is out-of-date. Babel's author uses ipkg-buildpackage to build his own packages.


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