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  • Titre: BootstrapPIC
  • Par: dermiste
  • Date: NSY
  • Lieu: /tmp/lab

Yo dawg I heard you like PIC burning so I put a PIC in your PIC burner so you can burn PIC while you burn PIC.



The goal of this workshop is to build and burn the usbpicprog PIC burner, using nothing but resources available at the /tmp/lab (excepted the electronic components, of course). As you can see, this burner uses a PIC, meaning we need a PIC burner to build the device. Depending on the available resources, we'll use a pre existing PIC burner or we'll build a JDM burner to burn the first PIC, then we'll burn the remaining PICs with this freshly burnt PIC, effectively bootstrapping the process.

Why not buying a burner instead ?

  • because you can Do It Yourself
  • because you can reprogram the burner
  • because a workshop involves people meeting, and people meeting involves BEER !!


  1. Gathering PCB making gear
  2. Locking registration
  3. Bulk command for the hardware
  4. Scheduling a date for the workshop
  5. Workshop
  6.  ???
  7. Profit !


Per attendee

  • basic soldering skills
  • soldering iron (not mandatory, but you will have to wait for someone equiped to finish to start soldering)


  • PCB making gear
  • PIC burner


  • dermiste
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