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* Mailing list:
* Mailing list:
* Repository:
* Repository:
=We need You=
=We need You=

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This mini-project consists to develop a compo on the Milkymist platform.
It will be presented at Main#4 ADA 2009 demoparty which runs from October 2 to October 4 in Arles (France).

The compo

From Main Demoparty site:

The challenge: create, alone or in teams, a digital work according to aesthetic, technology and platforms, pushing the boundaries of programming to make it the lightest possible.

For now there is no artwork, nor ideas but if you want to be part of this, fell free to edit the "We need you" section and put your name under your favorite task(s).


We need You

  • Artworks artist
    • <your name here>
    • Kiniou (I'm not really a true artist but I put my name just in case)
  • Music composer
  • Multimedia (2D/3D/Sound) developper
    • <your name here>
    • Kiniou (mainly 2D/3D)


Put your wonderfull ideas/sketch/links here

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