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** <your name here>
** <your name here>
** [[User:Lekernel|Lekernel]] ''(FAE)''
** [[User:Lekernel|Lekernel]] ''(FAE)''
** Bengt
** proppy

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This mini-project consists in developing a compo on the Milkymist platform.
It will be presented at Main#4 ADA 2009 demoparty which runs from October 2 to October 4 in Arles (France).

The compo

  • From Main Demoparty site:
The challenge: create, alone or in teams, a digital work according to aesthetic, technology and platforms, pushing the boundaries of programming to make it the lightest possible.
  • Rules
We will compete under the Wild Compo rules:
  • playing time: max. 5 min. if it's boring, or if the audience complains, we will stop it.
  • highest resolution: 1280x720 (PAL 720p recommended)
  • AVI, MPG, or DVD format allowed
  • supported video codecs mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4 (DiVX, XViD, h264, WMV)
  • supported sound codecs: uncompressed PCM, MP2, MP3
  • Bring the real hardware to proof its working native

For now there is no artwork, nor ideas but if you want to be part of this, fell free to edit the "We need you" section and put your name under your favorite task(s).


We need You

  • Artworks artist
    • <your name here>
    • Kiniou (I'm not really a true artist but I put my name just in case)
  • Music composer
  • Multimedia (2D/3D/Sound) developper
    • <your name here>
    • Kiniou (mainly 2D/3D)
  • Coders
    • <your name here>
    • Lekernel (FAE)
    • Bengt
    • proppy


Put your wonderfull ideas/sketch/links here

Debriefing from meeting with kiniou

--Alban 08:24, 4 September 2009 (PDT) 
  • General Theme : We could use Sanobot.
  • Visual option : 2D plain forms, kind of cartoon / manga (Kiniou : links ?)
Still working on it ;) -- kiniou
  • Script proposal : 3 phases
  • Duration : 3 minutes

1. Start/Intro

  • A . Sanobot data as raw / random numbers flowing on the screen
   Graphics : monochromous, greenish
   Visuals : Numbers retrieved randomly from csv and scrolling / zooming
   Sound : gloomy and experimental synths pads
   Idea : start with something strange that will make sense only later
  • Question : Can we modulate rythm of numbers apparition and their scrolling speed with music analysis ? Ex: no music, no number. Loud : larger font. Bass : slow scroll.
  • Question : Can we define a length for such a sequence, have it render to screen randomly for a given duration ?
  • B. Sanobot as a technical system
   Graphics : colourful, fresh
   Visuals : illustrations of sanobot character, manga style animations
   Sound : rythmic, funky, acid
   Idea : Present sanobot, what it does / how it's built

2. Sanobot in action

A. Sanobot data : from random to graphics

   Graphics : fresh illustration in front of monochrome background
   Visuals : sanobot character dancing in front of the csv numbers now showing the date : proves they're organized
   Sound : mix of both preceding style
   Idea : show the numbers seen in 1.A. are not random but organised

B. Sanobot in its environment

   Graphics : colourful, fresh
   Visuals : illustrations of sanobot character, manga style animations
   Sound : rythmic, funky, acid ( harder than before )
   Idea : why it's called sanobot and presents its enemy : the mighty Sanofi monster, Master of All Toxical Wastes 

3. Finale

  • A. Sanobot data : from graphics to communication
   Graphics : fresh cartoon style
   Visuals : sanobot character dances as we see the data being distributed on a network
   Sound : rythmic music at full pace
   Idea : show the numbers seen in 1.A. are being distributed worldwide in a meaningful objective

Note : this part should use modulation of visuals depending on graphics as every other A. parts

  • B. Sanobot in the future
   Visuals : Many sanobots appearing.
   Sound : Cool synth pads, atmospheric
   Idea : Show how we'll see more sensor systems built by people in the future