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== Members ==
== Members ==
* Rike
* Laure (soir uniquement)
* Marion (lundi uniquement ?)
* Add yourself (need total 5)
* Add yourself (need total 5)

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This is the Hacker Space Fest "open organization" page. All the organization activities of the HSF are concentrated here.

If you wish to contribute, you can do so by adding your name and email (anti-spam fomat) or nickname on the appropriate section.

Also, you should subscribe to the hsf2008-organisation mailing list and introduce yourself.

  • This conference is an auto-organized, no-budget/low budget conference.
  • It tries to follow the principle of open organizations.
  • If you want to see something happening at HSF, check if it already exist and join the appropriate group or if no such thing exist, create the group/team/project on this page and announce it on HSF Organisation mailing list.



This is where the Hacker Space Fest will be held. You get raw pictures of the different rooms as they are right now:

HSF Spaces

To buy / To get

Here is a list of the HSF Things to get, that is all we physically need.

Calendar of availabilities

The calendar (internal) of availability & actions for HSF & /tmp/lab.

To do

You can get and put all the tasks on the HSF Task List

Main Organization


  • Point of contact when you want to participate and don't know where to ask, here: contact@tmplab.org
  • If none of the group fits what you want to make, we're the one to ask.
  • If nobody can/does make a decision, ask here, we'll answer.


  • Phil_praxis
  • Massoud

Conference Group


  • Group of people who manage the organization of conference,
  • welcome the guests,
  • make announcements,
  • make sure speaker are there on time,
  • warn of near approaching end of speech etc..
  • make sure nobody takes more time than scheduled and that conference doesn't "slip"
  • coordinate last minute information with Info (Web & Print) group.


  • Phil_praxis (lead)
  • Sebastien lekernel
  • Florian
  • Massoud
  • Add yourself (need total 4)

Workshop group


  • Organize workshops
  • Make sure tables and chair are available for Workshops
  • Coordinate announcements and last minute adjustments with Info (Web & Print) Group


  • Emmanuel Analogique (Circuit Bending Workshop Coordinator)
  • Add yourself (need total 4)


  • Soldering tutorial
* PPT pres
* Pix: identify component to solder
* Pix: where to put this component on the board

Perf/Art/Music/Placard Group



  • Phil_praxis (Placard help)
  • Hellekin
  • Ced23 (External Sound system + Live)
  • Emmanuel Analogique (Internal Sound system)

Technical setup

  • Placard listening room inside Exhibition hall
  • Most performances will be headphone only
  • Internal sound system inside Exhibition hall for special night
  • External sound system outside for big performances ("plein air")


  • All performances and placard will be from 20th to 22nd of June.
  • Special night for "Fete de la musique" on the 21st of June: Internal Sound System used, maybe External too.

Video / AV Group


  • Takes care of the audiovisual,
  • streaming
  • recording of the conferences, performances and selected workshops.


  • Flowty (Video & streaming)
  • Raph (Video & recording)
  • Urs.
  • Ivan (Flash streaming)


  • Prêt Video Proj XP40 LCD * 2 (Jean Noel) (att, être sûr qu'ils ne sont pas bougeables / débranchables / pas de vibrations)

Photo coverage group



  • Flowty


  • none

Massage Group


  • Hackers need massage, don't you think?
  • The idea is not to provide full body massages but ad-hoc relief to speakers and other volunteers.


  • Hellekin
  • MK
  • Vanessa
  • Yannick
  • Add yourself (need as many as possible, initial target 20)

Food & Drink Group

  • Aka. Water & Caffeine supply.
  • Provides everyone with decent supplies of fresh water and caffeinated (or not) beverages.
  • The human touch to the conference


  • Rike
  • Laure (soir uniquement)
  • Marion (lundi uniquement ?)
  • Add yourself (need total 5)

IT & Net Group

The root of IT.


  • Add yourself (need total 4)
  • Xavier M.
  • Nico

Helpdesk / Infodesk

Make sure the web is updated with the news. Make sure the info are properly displayed everywhere. Make sure the conference program is correct, updated and printed.


  • PhilPraxis
  • Zoobab
  • Add yourself (need total 5)


Sleep Group


  • Make sure some sleep place is available to staff, speakers.
  • Speakers are supposed to bring their sleeping bags.


  • Add yourself (need total 8)
  • Florian

Safety & Security Group


  • Make people and things are ok.
  • Priority to the people,
  • we need volunteers with first aid knowledge.
  • Coordinate with Red Cross if we get them (cf. Florian)


  • Add yourself (need total 8)

Transportation Group


  • Information about Transportation
  • Managing / Organizing speaker arrival dates / ...
  • Getting equipment that can be only picked up with a Car (i.e. Sound System)


  • Massoud
  • Add yourself (need total 8)

Hors Les Murs


  • Organize events during the HSF outside of the main Vitry sur Seine location


  • Phil_praxis
  • Emmanuel Analogique
  • TXO


  • Placard listening room in Mairie du Xème (Emm)
  • Conference listening room/Perf at Antigalerie (TXO)

Hardware rooms set up Group


  • Massoud (lead)
  • Lekernel

All photos are (CC) (BY) (NC) (SA) Wikimedia / Wikipedia Commons cf. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

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