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/tmp/toor : Tour Of Other Routes


An improvised tour of some European Hacker Spaces.

Please do some live photo blogging. All Hackerspace fanboys will be eternally grateful. --Astro

I don't have a camera, but I have a laptop and a webcam. :) And I'm very bad with it: http://hellekin.cepheide.org/HSET/


Metalab's birthday provided a good pretext :)


It's a road trip. Anyone on the way can join in. Contact hellekin on IRC or Jabber or via email (or add something in the discussion part of this page).


May 21st 2009 to May 30th.


Check the Map

/tmp/lab, Paris, France

  • Departure on Thursday 21 May in the morning (~ 07:00)
  • Direction: Karlsruhe, Germany


Entropia, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Arrival: 21st of May around 13:00 11:00
  • Departure: 21st of May around 14:00 14:30
  • Direction: Munich, Germany

Message: say hello to neingeist from astro


µC3, Munich, Germany

Balanstr. 166 (corner Chiemgaustr.) 81549 München N48°06.497' E11°36.232'

<ruebezahl> its above the bar called "balanstüberl", just use the bell labeled "chaos computer club"

  • Arrival: 21st of May around 17:00 17:20
  • Departure: 22nd of May in the morning 08:30
  • Direction: Linz, Austria


Backspace, Linz, Austria

Meeting with the Backspace people at the Ars Electronica Center.

  • Arrival: 22nd of May around 10:00 11:00 (waiting at Cubus, AEC 3rd floor Tie Fighter, I lost your number, dammit! :( )
  • Departure: 22nd of May around 15:00 19:00
  • Direction: Vienna, Austria


Metalab, Vienna, Austria

Happy birthday, Metalab!

  • Arrival: 22nd of May around 19:00</a> 21:30
  • Departure: 24th of May around 08:00
  • Direction: Prague, Czech Republic

Message: say hello to Aaron from Juliusz


CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic

Visiting the International Center for Art and New Technologies. Not really a hackerspace, but close.

  • Arrival: 24th of May around 12:00
  • Departure: 24th of May around 16:00
  • Direction: Dresden, Germany

Message: say hello to Pavel from Ivan


C3D2, Dresden, Germany

  • Arrival: 24th of May around 19:30
  • Pentaradio session: May 25th 21:45
  • Departure: 26th of May around 08:00
  • Direction: Hannover, Germany


Picking up Astro to A'dam, Jay to Brussels

C-Base, Berlin, Germany

OK, this is one more hour. No big deal. Gotta see C-Base somehow :)


CCCH, Hannover, Germany

  • Arrival: 26th of May around 12:00
  • Departure: 26th of May around 16:00
  • Direction: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Fiber, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • dinner with friend on the 26th
  • hangout at SCUB the next day, meeting with webmind
  • meeting with the HAR people
  • meeting with Patrice Riemens on the 28th
  • dinner with the Brainstorms crowd on the 28th
  • Arrival: 26th of May around 18:00
  • Departure: somewhere between 29th and 30th
  • Direction: Brussels, Belgium OR Eindhoven

http://dyne.org/, http://har2009.org/

MAD Emergent Art Center, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


C4, Cologne, Germany


Syn2Cat, Luxembourg


HSB, Brussels, Belgium

  • Arrival: to be confirmed
  • Departure: to be confirmed
  • Direction: /tmp/lab

Message: say hello to zoobab from Juliusz (and more)


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