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Hacker Space Festival, meet open source people, hardware hacker, technology addicts, computing trash recyclers, ...

What would the Internet look like without hackers? What would computing look like without free and open source software? What would the culture look like with DRM and closed media channels everywhere? Where do art and technology merge? Would Gilbert Simondon be happy if he were alive today? Many questions will be debated during the first Hacker Space Fest from the 16th to the 22nd June 2008 near Paris, in the industrial outskirts of Vitry-sur-Seine.

The first Hacker Space Fest (HSF) will be held at the /tmp/lab near Paris, France in June 2008. The goal of this festival is to bring together people from many cultural and technological backgrounds and from different Hacker Spaces and Autonomous zones in France and Europe (and from beyond, if they can attend) to share and show what's going on.

The broad term "hacking" is understood in this context as "creative use of technology" and not "illegal computer break in" (we don't buy the political & media terror-inducing FUD).

This festival is autonomous, non-profit and collaborative. We encourage you to contribute in any way to this adventure by joining our team for this event, submitting a conference, proposing a workshop or organizing a live concert, a performance, an art exhibition or a sister event at your home location.



  • Place: 6Bis (http://www.6bis.org) & /tmp/lab, Vitry s/ Seine, France
  • Dates: 16 - 22 of June 2008


Here are various events that will happen during the festival.


The conference will host two tracks, one in English, the other one in French.

Call For Papers (CFP)

The call for papers (CFPs) are out in french and english version.

English Track

TBA, waiting for CFP deadline.

French Track (Session Francaise)

TBA, waiting for CFP deadline.


Eternal Fest

Thanks to Robert Filliou, there's a word for it. We are part of an ongoing fest of culture and technology which is already happening.


More details: HSF_Organization

  • This conference is an auto-organized, no-budget/low budget conference.
  • It tries to follow the principle of open organizations.
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