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  • Titre: Self Shelf Swap: share your (physical books in a simple manner)
  • Par: Sebastien Smonff
  • Date: To define (early 2012)
  • Lieu: /tmp/lab, Gaité Lyrique

A philosophical and technical presentation of the projectImage:SelfShelfSwap.png

Exchanging documents like books or music between friends is a common thing.

The goal of Self Shelf Swap is to develop this practice into a network of individual micro-libraries accessible to everybody.

Soon, it will be possible to list the documents you would like to propose for lending on a common catalogue; and to search documents through the catalogue, which will be accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

We are not interested in downloadable documents, but only in physical shelves.

Our goal is to give the possibility for those – whether they be individuals, associations or institutions - who want to lend their books, music or other documents in a more established way to create their own library (organizing the documents, managing the loans…) and share it in a simple manner.

We would like the knowledge, experiences and singular interests contained in each of our individual shelves to meet, be exchanged and discussed.

Where public libraries propose for all of us a common choice, we would like each of us to put in common our choices.

For more informations, see our wiki

For code, see our Launchpad account

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