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Inside platform adventure game "LittleBigPlanet" for the PlayStation 3, the Japanese Wave Sticker is a of the collectible items in the Sensei's Lost Castle level . If you need to get a 1 internet site internet site percent completion rating for Sensei's Lost Castle, you obtain to collect this sticker, along together with the Blue Mountain Sticker. Either come into play during a puzzle on a later part of the game. The Japanese Wave Sticker yous near the beginning about the level, but yous often missed mainly because it is in some hidden area.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


2 Run to the right till you reach the huge catapult. Walk past the catapult so you can jump onto the again of it. Then walk awake to the large lever also push it to the appropriate - this will make the catapult roll to the right.

3 Push the catapult all the way to the suitable until it is up against the burning wall. Jump onto the launch pad of the catapult, which is the red pad to the remaining.

4 Hold down the X button until solely before you go airborne to acquire any increase to your height also velocity. If you duration it right, you will procure launched onto an alcove. There are two alcoves that is are vertically adjacent - if you land from the empty a single, drop down to reach the alcove with the Japanese Wave Sticker.


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