VoIP hacking workshop

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  • Titre: VoIP hacking workshop
  • Par: Sn0rkY
  • Date: Thursday 20th of May 2010
  • Lieu: /tmp/lab

Easy way to pentest VoIP infrastructure.


  * Identification of the VoIP Product
  * VLAN hopping, accessing the voice VLAN from the data VLAN
  * VoIP accounts enumeration
  * Communication wiretapping and injection of sound during a call
  * Spoofing of phone profiles and identity spoofing
  * UNISTM attack on Cisco IP phones
  * Bypass of call restrictions and voice gateway abuse
  * Grab of SIP or IAX credentials
  * Denial of Service on VoIP servers and IP phones


 * Python >= 2.5
 * An editor > vi
 * Scapy
 * Wireshark (optional)
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