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(Past Workshops)
(Upcoming Workshops)
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== Upcoming Workshops ==
== Upcoming Workshops ==
* [[WebOS: développement et hacking]]
* [[Introduction à la Synthetic Biology et au Biohacking]]
* [[Introduction à la Synthetic Biology et au Biohacking]]

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Here are the Workshops happening @ /tmp/lab


Upcoming Workshops

Wanted Workshops

So, you want to give or take a workshop, but it's not scheduled yet? Open a page for it :)

Past Workshops

Adding a Workshop

Anybody can create a workshop, this is auto-organization.

  1. Create a new page on the wiki prefixed with your workshop's keyword, such as "MediaWiki : Why It Doesn't Suck That Much"
    1. Use the Template:Workshop :)
    2. Make sure you add an Attendees section before saving, so that nobody will edit the template itself!
  2. Add your workshop link on this page with its date
  3. Add a link in /tmp/lab shared calendar on G00gle Gr0ups
  4. Announce it on the /tmp/lab mailing list
  5. Announce it on the #frlab IRC channel and optionnally add it to the topic if it's the next workshop.
  6. If your workshop involve handling of chemical products, check IPCS (International Programme on Chemical Safety) for proper handling/disposal instructions
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