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''Waiting a better web space, we'll use /tmp/lab web platform.''
<b>BioHacklab</b> tries to make an open shared space about <b>Biology</b> and especially <b>Biotechnologies</b> (<b>but other bio-ideas are welcome!</b>) to other people. Come on and show us your projects or goal!<br />
Each Tuesday at 8 pm at /tmp/lab.
==History | What is BioHacklab?==
'''From the /tmp/lab mailing list :'''
Voici comme promis, la deuxième session sur le biohack ou plutôt la première session du BioHackLab, un bio-hackerspace
français pour la Biologie Synthétique et le Biohacking ou DIYBio.
Ce premier rendez-vous se tiendra mardi prochain, le 27 Juillet 2010, et se reproduira tous les mardis, au /tmp/lab.
Voici la présentation du BioHackLab : http://www.lsdlive.org/biology/biohack_102.pdf
Si vous ne l’avez pas encore lu, je vous conseille d’abord le http://www.lsdlive.org/biology/biohack_101.pdf
surtout la troisième partie sur le biohacking.
Au programme, une keynote, histoire de présenter un peu le projet et de discuter autours du sujet.
Voilà, venez avec ce que vous voulez et qui vous voulez, venez présenter ce que vous voulez :-)
<br />
'''From the diybio.org mailing list :'''
Hi all DIYBio fellows,
This is my first post on this mailing list and i am going to use it for making a declaration :-)
--- I am pleased to announce the creation of the first group for DIYBio and open source Biology in France ! ---
We will be located in the near south suburb of Paris within the Hacker Space TmpLab (http://www.tmplab.org).
Our french BioLab will try to contribute to the DIYBio efforts towards an open source Biology by creating tools
for people interested in Science and in Biology in particular. We will not  implement for the moment Lab spaces
for performing large wet experiments, but things can evolve fast.
We will be gathering every Tuesday, starting 27th of July, don't hesitate in joining us, everybody is welcome.
Curious people in particular ! :-)
We have not set up yet a specific mailing list or any web address, so if you want to catch up with us please
write to the following email address (thomas.landrain@gmail.com) and we will keep you updated with the news
from our lab.
Let's wish a great future to this group !
Cheers !
At the moment we'll try to set up the hackerspace so, three steps are important :<br />
# What is our goal? <font color=red><i><b>--done!</b></i></font><br />
# What do diybio or synth. bio have, what do diybio or synth. bio need? What do we need?<br />
# What is our projects?<br />
==Past Events==
*'''July 27th 2010''', First meeting : keynote and project discovery
==Upcoming Workshops==
==Wanted Workshops==
==Past Workshops==
==Lessons and other stuff==
*[http://www.lsdlive.org/biology/biohack_101.pdf BIOHACK_101]
*[http://www.lsdlive.org/biology/biohack_102.pdf BIOHACK_102]
*[http://www.lsdlive.org/biology/biohack_103.pdf BIOHACK_103]
<br />
*[http://www.sendspace.com/file/supoie Conférence Estive Numérique DIYbio (fr - MP3)]
==How to come in BioHacklab==
Tmplab is behind the building in 6bis, at the last door, down the stair.
[mailto:thomas.landrain@gmail.com] or [mailto:theotime.calandra@gmail.com].

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