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# Marc (FR) (Toulouse)
# Marc (FR) (Toulouse)
# Angst (FR) (Toulouse)
# Angst (FR) (Toulouse)
# Lucas (FR) (Toulouse)
# Eric (FR) (?)
# Hellekin (FR) (München)
# Hellekin (FR) (München)
# Padawan (FR) (Paris)
# Padawan (FR) (Paris)

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List is closed!!!


A group visit of CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory close to Geneva. More info: http://outreach.web.cern.ch/outreach/visits/ (please check out this page if you think about coming)

Practical info

From CERN's email:

  • Date: Saturday February 20th 2010, 14:00
  • Language: English
  • Program: introductory conference (~30 min.) + film (~15 min) + visit of an experimental area (~2 hrs).
  • Do not wear open shoes or high heels.
  • Bring passport or ID

Mailing list (optional): http://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/hackersatcern


If you subscribe, this means that you really believe that you will make it to the CERN. This means that you think that you will manage to solve accommodation and transport problems for yourself. Please do not subscribe and then unsubscribe shortly after because you just noticed how expensive trains and hotels were. This creates unnecessary work for the organizers. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Ho(s)tels are fucking expensive.
  • Ho(s)tels sometimes have stupid rules like "no group bookings".
  • Ho(s)tels are sometimes full, especially when booked at the last minute.
  • Many ho(s)tel owners do not like extra people "squatting" in the room with sleeping bags: if you plan doing so, also plan how you are not going to get caught.
  • Trains are fucking expensive.
  • Train tickets usually have problem-creating rules attached (no rebooking, no refund, etc.)
  • Trains are sometimes full, especially when booked at the last minute.
  • The pricing and booking policy of the German train company (Deutsche Bahn) is a total chaos.
  • "Budget" airlines can get very expensive or very cheap, depending on your luck and how much time in advance you book your ticket.
  • Motorways in France are privatized and also fucking expensive. If you drive a small car, you will pay more in motorway fees than in fuel. www.mappy.com will tell you how much you'll be asked to pay for any given trip, if you choose the motorway.
  • Cars break down, especially when poorly maintained.
  • The visit involves crossing the border between France and Switzerland and you may need some paperwork (passport, visa, etc.) to be authorized to do that.



From Toulouse

Lucas has 4 seats.

  1. Alex
  2. Angst
  3. [Add your name]

From Brussels(Belgium)/Luxembourg

Xflame has 3 seats

  1. HansF.
  2. Zitzie
  3. [Add your name]




Sorry - you're coming too late. List is closed.


  1. Organizer: lekernel (FR) (Paris)
  2. jm* (pieddemammouth) (FR) (Paris)
  3. Alexandre G. (FR) (Toulouse)
  4. Marc (FR) (Toulouse)
  5. Angst (FR) (Toulouse)
  6. Eric (FR) (?)
  7. Hellekin (FR) (München)
  8. Padawan (FR) (Paris)
  9. Fabien (FR) (Paris)
  10. Braindub (FR) (Toulouse)
  11. Nina (FR) (Rennes)
  12. Marc F6ITU (FR) (?)
  13. Benoit (FR) (RP)
  14. Marie (FR) (RP)
  15. James (FR) (RP)
  16. Steve (FR) (Luxembourg)
  17. Bartek (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  18. Georges (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  19. Fish_ (EN) (Randomdata, Netherlands)
  20. Vis (EN) (Netherlands)
  21. LMamane (FR/EN/...) (Luxembourg)
  22. larstiq (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  23. tim (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  24. Turiphro (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  25. Gohla (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  26. GeorgesT, (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  27. Marlene, (FR) (Luxembourg)
  28. Jerome (FR/EN) (Grenoble, France)
  29. dermiste (FR) (Paris, France)
  30. Beretta Vexee (FR/EN) (Paris, France)
  31. luja (DE/BY/EN) (Munich, Bavaria, Europe, Earth)
  32. zkyp (EN) (Randomdata.nl, Netherlands)
  33. Massoud (FR) (/tmp/lab, France)
  34. Eightdot (EN) (HackZwolle, Netherlands)
  35. Iv (FR) (Grenoble, France)
  36. Xflame (BE/FR,EN) (HSB, Brussels, Belgium)
  37. Anne Haag (EN/FR)(Luxembourg)
  38. John (EN/FR) (Grenoble, France)
  39. Richard (NL/EN) (Den Haag, Netherlands)
  40. HansF (BE/FR,EN) (HSB, Brussels, Belgium)
  41. Zitzie (BE/FR,EN) (HSB, Brussels, Belgium)
  42. 0kk13 (NL/EN/DE/FR/RU/AR) (revspace, Netherlands)
  43. Jan (EN/FR) (Geneva)
  44. noriko (JP/FR) (Grenoble)
  45. Damien (FR) (Paris)
  46. Tanyaka (FR) (Paris)
  47. Charles (FR) (Paris)

List is closed!!! contact: sebastien dot bourdeauducq at lekernel dot net


  • One person per line
  • Give contact information in the wiki, it will be useful to organize car sharing!