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A group visit of CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory close to Geneva. More info: http://outreach.web.cern.ch/outreach/visits/ (please check out this page if you think about coming)

Practical info

From CERN's email:

  • Date: Saturday February 20th 2010, 14:00
  • Language: English
  • Program: introductory conference (~30 min.) + film (~15 min) + visit of an experimental area (~2 hrs).
  • Do not wear open shoes or high heels.
  • Bring passport or ID

Mailing list (optional): http://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/hackersatcern



From Toulouse

Lucas has 4 seats.

  1. Alex
  2. Angst
  3. [Add your name]

From Brussels(Belgium)/Luxembourg

Xflame has 3 seats

  1. [Add your name]
  2. [Add your name]
  3. [Add your name]




Sorry - you're coming too late. All 48 slots are taken. However you may want to register in the waiting list in case people cancel their attendance.

I do not have the email addresses of the people whose name is underlined. If you are concerned, please contact sebastien dot bourdeauducq at lekernel dot net.


  1. Organizer: lekernel (FR) (Paris)
  2. jm* (pieddemammouth) (FR) (Paris)
  3. Alexandre G. (FR) (Toulouse)
  4. Marc (FR) (Toulouse)
  5. Angst (FR) (Toulouse)
  6. Lucas (FR) (Toulouse)
  7. Hellekin (FR) (München)
  8. Padawan (FR) (Paris)
  9. Fabien (FR) (Paris)
  10. Phil_praxis (FR) (Paris)
  11. Nina (FR) (Rennes)
  12. Marc F6ITU (FR) (?)
  13. Benoit (FR) (RP)
  14. Marie (FR) (RP)
  15. James (FR) (RP)
  16. Steve (FR) (Luxembourg)
  17. Bartek (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  18. Georges (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  19. Fish_ (EN) (Randomdata, Netherlands)
  20. Vis (EN) (Netherlands)
  21. LMamane (FR/EN/...) (Luxembourg)
  22. gmc (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  23. blokje, depending on dates (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  24. larstiq (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  25. cinder (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  26. tim (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  27. bamieater (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  28. FooBar (EN/DE/NL) (revspace, Netherlands)
  29. Turiphro (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  30. Gohla (EN) (revspace, Netherlands)
  31. Clark (EN) (codinflu, Turkey)
  32. GeorgesT, (FR/EN) (Luxembourg)
  33. Marlene, (FR) (Luxembourg)
  34. Jerome (FR/EN) (Grenoble, France)
  35. Raffael (FR/EN) (CCC Munich/Luxembourg)
  36. dermiste (FR) (Paris, France)
  37. Beretta Vexee (FR/EN) (Paris, France)
  38. luja (DE/BY/EN) (Munich, Bavaria, Europe, Earth)
  39. zkyp (EN) (Randomdata.nl, Netherlands)
  40. Massoud (FR) (/tmp/lab, France)
  41. Eightdot (EN) (HackZwolle, Netherlands)
  42. Iv (FR) (Grenoble, France)
  43. Xflame (BE/FR,EN) (HSB, Brussels, Belgium)
  44. Anne Haag (EN/FR)(Luxembourg)
  45. John (EN/FR) (Grenoble, France)
  46. Richard (NL/EN) (Den Haag, Netherlands)

48 persons maximum. Please contact as soon as possible sebastien dot bourdeauducq at lekernel dot net if for any reason you are not coming, so that someone on the waiting list can come instead!

Waiting list

  1. no one...

Please also send an email if you subscribe to this list.

Meet at 26C3

If some of you come to the 26. Choas Communication Congress it would be nice to meet you before the visit.

you can add your name here and we we choose place&time on demand.

Ok its time to finde a date & time. As I read on the hackerpaces list there will be a hackerspace meeting too.
Maybe we should meet a litte bevor because i assume that there will be an intersection.
  1. derPeter
  2. lekernel
  3. luja
  4. Massoud (/tmp/lab)
  5. dermiste
  6. LMamane
  7. Xflame
  8. FooBar (RevSpace.nl)
  9. Carina
  10. Gmc
  11. Fishst
  12. zkyp (trying to!)
  13. SteveClement (syn2cat)


  • Maximum 48 persons
  • First come, first serve
  • One person per line
  • Give contact information in the wiki, it will be useful to organize car sharing!