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Our ircbot is called Mptbot or tmpmpt and is a twist of the London Hack Space chanbot.

Mptbot is

  • found as user tmpmpt on freenode (#tmplab)
  • accessed by private messaging, type help
  • capable to tell if the lab light is on. Of course there is non public functions to override the automatic function.
  • run on a Raspberry for low electrical footprint.
  • using service scheme running in a 'screen' : type screen -r to reattach / ctrl A d to dettach.
  • launched by 'python' to test your own
  • a with additionnal code by sameeg, ask him if needed.
  • running on
  • located at /opt/mptbot/

Mptbot has

  • a few commands you can edit, improve in
  • a few sh scripts for its service functionnality