Micro multimediad(a)emon

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μmmd : MicroMultiMédiaDaemon


μmmd project is to create through a mesh network a modified acoustic space, modulated, as trapped, which develops incongruities, eruptions and creates a lag effects, a blurring of perceptions.

The creation of this network starts with the set up of a microphone and a speaker on each node. Moreover, the project includes a tool for transporting audio datas (aka Micro MultiMediaDaemon : μmmd ) that allows us to interact with the different nodes of the mesh network.

These, in turn, can influence and transmit informations towards the whole or some selected points on the same network. Thus, each node will have the possibility to capture its acoustic environment, to transmit it, and in the same time to receive a stream from another node.

The stakes in this project are many, both technical and artistic.

The project now includes 5 phases of development:

- Send a multicast audio stream on each point of the network.

- Send an audio stream only on certain points in the network (basic playback features : play, stop, pause and functions of storage in the foneras).

- Captation of sounds via the microphone attached to the Fonera, towards other network points.

- Send several streams simultaneously.

- Create interactions between network points. The nodes are not just passive recipients but they can generate sound variations.

This last step is the heart of the project, it exploits specific properties of the mesh network, we can independently control each part of the network and control the information flow, manage the combination of sources, interactions between nodes, and outside the network play with the propagation of sounds in the heart of a landscape.

Last event and μmmd project presentation : wireless Battle Mesh in San Bartomeu del Grau.16-20 Mar 2011

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims at bringing together people from across Europe to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, OLSR, and Static Routing.

It is a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks you might want to check this out !