Wireless Battle Mesh2009 Report

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This page is gathering the results and feedbacks from the WirelessBattleMesh2009

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  • Configuration feedbacks
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The BATMAN mesh-network 3D visualization (meshs3d + s3d + viz)

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The OLSR mesh-network visualization

  • Topology of the test

WBM2009 Topology 1.jpeg

Node descriptions :

  1. 2 - Inside TMPLAB at the back => GW(Gateways) for uplinks
  2. 1 - Inside TMPLAB close to the doors
  3. 5 - Outdoor on the metallic tracks at ground level
  4. 6 - Indoor at the second floor close to the roof at 5m high from the first floor
  5. 7 - Outdoor on the ground at the very back of the 6bis buildings
  6. 8 - Indoor at the first floor at the back of the room close to the doorway
  7. 11 - Outdoor on top of the metallic container at 2.5m high from the ground
  8. 12 - Outdoor put on the delivery platform at the front of the 6bis buildings
  9. 13 - Indoor at the rear of the conference room closed to the windows
  10. 16 - Outdoor attached to the fences at 2m high from the ground
  11. 18 - Outdoor placed on cart at 1m high from the ground
  12. 19 - Outdoor on the ground close at the very end of the 6bis space close to the wall with 8,rue Leon Geffroy and railway tracks fences
  • Tests
    • Packet loss
    • Fast convergence and recovery from lost routes
    • Mobility convergence
    • Tunneling an SSH session
  • Photos / Videos :
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  • TCPDUMP files for "offline" analysis