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The BioHacklab at /tmp/lab is a local group of passionate people about biology, each with his or her own area of expertise, interest and dedication. Some are from the computer side (read geeks), some others are PhDs, researcher, professionals and students from the biology side, all of them want to see new things and interesting projects in the biology domain.
The BioHacklab is a research lab from the civil society with collaboration with research and academic sector. The previous Biohacklab "La paillasse" is gone, let's make a biohacklab with /tmp/lab genes.

Our goals

We are aiming to a very open, diverse and possibly opposed approaches to biology. We are open to new projects from non-members and encourage anyone to come meet us at our weekly meetings, regardless of your knowledge or age; only passion and interest matter.
Our goal is to make biology easy and accessible for all. To do so, we are working on :

  • making biology and biohacking more visible to the public, by making presentations and pedagogic actions. We are also working, with other, on different issues in order to make Biohacking a renowned discipline (safety, environmental, ethical and legal issues);
  • developping and distributing the tools needed to perform biological studies and experiments. By this way we are also contributing to the internationnal biohacker community by releasing our tools in an free like format;
  • managing a very small laboratory, in a real garage where biological projects can be hosted.

Current active projects

Dry :

  • Genetic : make genetic data and databases more accessible. Don't read 'promote personal genomic companies'.
  • CHCHOH a religion for computers based on genes.
  • Neurohack : overall project.
  • FNIRS Project with Electrolab.
  •  ?

Wet :

  •  ?

When and Where

The members of the BioHacklab meet "physically" every tuesday 9PM+ at /tmp/lab in Choisy le Roi, 94600, France. But we are also working together everyday with collaborative tools, soon a mailing list and a dedicated email.