Laser Hexagon

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A personal remake of SUPER HEXAGON, Terry Cavanagh's awesome psychedelic obstacle race game.

Also borrowing some nice ideas from Vittorio Romeo's OPEN HEXAGON remake.

Made for laser projection.

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Webm video MP4 video (W.I.P. 2015/01/29 : testing basic patterns in a short sequence with some randomness)

Source code now available on GitHub

Game features

Written in Python, using the pygame framework.

Core EtherDream controller's protocol management ( module) from Brandon Thomas (Echelon)'s Laser Asteroids game.

On-screen (pygame drawing primitives-based) display enables to play or design the game even with no laser at hand.

Designed with wire-frame in mind : since lasers can only draw lines, therefore even the obstacles are lines rather than solid polygons !

Level scripting mimics Vittorio Romeo's LUA scripts "spawn-then-wait" concept (but in a more basic way since I'm not as skilled as him !) thanks to Python's yield statement. Instead of writing complex state machines, write your levels as simple sequential programs !

Open Hexagon's floating/rotating walls, as well as Super Hexagon's scenery-bound walls subject to the opening/closing sector effect.

There are currently three levels :

  • main level (music : Robot Rockerz from Komputer Kontroller) : average difficulty, intended to show most of the game's features
  • "G-Force" remake from OPEN HEXAGON 2 (music : CPU Mood from Fantomenk) : high difficulty, extra "scissors" pattern (side walls that can crush you) ; patterns announced by swarms of tiny side walls instead of text (not yet implemented).
  • beginner level (music : Pirate Manners from Bossfight) : pentagonal/hexagonal quickly made level

No text support yet (would be useful for credits, level names, pattern notifications, settings etc...) Some distortion effects implemented but not yet used (zoom, 3D tilt).