/tmp/lab How To

From Tmplab

/tmp/lab is also a physical space in which we have to live and work together. Here are basic indications on the place.


  • Network is accessible through Wireless lan "/tmp/lab" with a WPA key. Ask us for the key.
  • Don't hack from this network, that would cause the death of the lab and we don't want that.


Outside /tmp/lab

  • As located inside the 6Bis complex, we are part of an art-related community.
  • People are friendly, be friendly to them.
  • Watch out if some external people are sneaking in. How to recognize outside people? Easy: they know they're not from here so they look a bit shy and embarrassed to be here, just talk to them and ask them if they are part of 6Bis. If not, ask them politely why they're here, if you can help, and if they don't know what the heck they're doing here, ask them to leave. Karma helps: some nice people just show up, some others are just nuisance.

Inside /tmp/lab

  • Some people actually live at the lab and share the space with the guests.
  • Guests are not supposed to touch or borrow private things before asking,
  • Especially, guests are not supposed Merchant Services Protection Plan
to enter private room without asking, even if the day before they _did_ stay in that room.
  • Guests can come with their friends, and usually it's okay to stay over and sleep here, but ask the /tmp/lab people when you want to go to bed so that we can setup your bed somewhere where it won't bother anyone.
  • These little notes can be expected to be part of guests behaviour, for some people it's not so obvious.
  • So we have to write them down.


Heating & Doors

  • All doors: This is not an automatic door! Please close doors behind you. Thank you.
  • Since we're in a industrial basement, we need to keep the temperature _inside_ the lab. That means that you need to close the door behind you.


  • /tmp/lab is non smoking.
  • You can smoke in the entrance, just outside of /tmp/lab.
  • Do not leave your cigarette butt outside: put it in the trash!
  • Make sure to close the plastic sheet and close the door


  • To avoid rodents (namely rats), all food has to be locked up in the drawer in the kitchen.
  • Make sure you lock the doors of the drawer with the teaspoon we use to block the doors.
  • Never leave a garbage bag inside the lab.
  • Even if you don't have time when leaving, at least put the bag OUTSIDE the lab at the top of the stairs.
  • There are collective trashes at the entrance of the 6Bis complex.


  • Clean your own mess, and help by cleaning remaining mess that may be around. This goes for dishes, toilets, floor, work tables.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for cleaning materials, we'll then help you clean whatever.


  • You can watch cable TV with VLC.
  • Select freebox TV in the main window


A local encrypted SIP line is available :

  • be sure that Watson is online
  • Sip address is tmplab@ostel.co
  • it is encrypted so not compatible with PSTN
  • Because of 6bis support, no answer doesn't means there is nobody.


Getting food

Love Pizza

Love Pizza. 
94600 Choisy-le-roi. 
Téléphone 1 :
Code client: 4638

Getting supplies

Paris Store Hypermarché

Chinese & oriental food


15 rue du Docteur Roux
94600 Choisy-le-roi
Tel: 0148536888
Fax: 0148536880
Horaire: 9h30 à 20h30
Fermé le Dimanche


Out of the 6Bis, left.
Under the bridge.
3rd right, you'll see the front of the big warehouse when turning right.


Just next street after Paris Store.


You can cook whatever you want at the lab, but make sure:

  • You clean your mess AND the mess from before (no excuse like: "I cleaned what I did", ...)
  • Use the rice cooker cup only for rice cooking, it will melt/crack if put on the heating elements or in the oven.
  • Check if trash needs to be emptied
  • Consider donations to the common fund which helps improving the space

Drinks / Snacks

  • You can take Drinks and snacks from the common fridge,
  • make sure to give a minimum donation of 1 euro per drink / snack in the donation box.
  • Donations helps refuel the common fridge.


  • Empty trash as it is full
  • Trash must be put OUTSIDE, in the street in front of the gate,
  • Thanks
  • PS: not in front of the lab, you'll attract rodents (rats) and bad smell too :)