Arduino screen

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Easy Arduino TFT screen


  • you want to display some data/state of your arduino
  • If you're fed up or the serial line is already used
  • A lot to display on 128x64

Try the very cheap tft screen for arduino. No brainfuck ahead

Pictures+Library u8glib on github

It can be as low as 4 pin to connect in i2c :

  • VCC (5V)
  • GND
  • SCL, a clock, goes by default to arduino A5 pin
  • SDA, for data, goes by default to arduino A4 pin


If you use the 4 pin display and u8glib, the line you need to remove comment (// at the beginning) is :

U8GLIB_SSD1306_128X64 u8g(U8G_I2C_OPT_NO_ACK); // Display which does not send AC

See u8glib examples sketch.


With previous explanations the u8glib examples should work like a charm (tested on Nano)

A basic sketch to display strings array and a pin value is available. Ask contact at if it's not available soon on git