Domoverse platform

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This page is intended as placeholder for preparing the Domoverse platform project.

It is a project whose aim is to explore the HMI capabilities of Metaverse-related technologies (OpenSim/OpenLife/OpenCroquet/Solipsis) in a domotics context (X10/Z-Wave, Gumstix, ZigBee...), as home server control and root web house.

Project organization

  1. [Current] State of the art: metaverse platforms and domotics management systems
  2. Evaluation of metaverse and domotics management systems candidates
  3. Implementation of a tmplab server for experimentation
  4. 3D Replication of the lab and it's electronic devices
  5. Implementation of XMLRPC-like server for services exposition (X10, ...)
  6. Linking virtual objects' actions to XMLRPC calls
  7. Gluing all together for first prototype
  8. Hardware integration on low-consumption devices (WRT?)


  • XML-RPC server:
    • keeps a list of all detected automation-related devices
    • gives access to underlying features
    • serves cross-world 3D models of real-life controlled items (e.g. light bulb, displays, ...)
  • device_connectors: protocol-specific plugins
    • X10
    • ZigBee
    • Z-Wave
  • cross-world 3D models, scripting templates and coding resources
  • world-specific interfacing modules

Ultimately, all device-specific information should reside in the devices themselves and answear to requests directly.