Dream Devices

From Tmplab

It is about all the tools, machines, devices of your dream you want to make !

  • Existing but too expensive
  • Doesn't exist but should
  • Seems quite complex to make lonely but not in a hackerspace
  • Customisation with RepRap machine !

The e-film :

Fed-up with all those expensive digital cameras ? Re-use your old but good 35mm argentic camera (SLR, telemeter...) with an electronic sensor in place of the film.

  • Form factor : same as a 35mm roll film.
  • Modern sensor, SD card, modern microprocessor, linux embedded.

First exemple in the industry in 2001 but fail :

The DV Hard-Disk

Re-use your old but good HI8, DV camcorder with a small hard disk recorder instead of tapes. You can bring back to life all the camcoders with tape recoder defects.

  • Form factor : a box containing a 3,5" HD
  • Analogical and digital inputs : S-video, CINCH, IEEE1394 (firewire)
  • Standard camcoder battery deck
  • Lcd to navigate in files.
  • Microprocessors for live encoding in DV, MJPEG, X264..

Exemples :

The /tmp/asicfab

The /tmp/drone

An OpenEEG