Wified Arduino 8266

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Work in Progress


8266 can be programmed as every other arduino or in lua langage if you have the right firmware.

  • There is plenty of ESP8266 boards available.
  • The "ready made", brain free ones are devboard like nodemcu or wemos D1 mini. Their extra button put the thing in program mode.
  • it's 3.3 V board.
  • it's 3.3 V board.
  • it's 3.3 V board.
  • It won't work and you may damage it if you connect stuff that is running under 5V
  • It's a tiny board, with almost no memory, nice at home, but if you want reliable internet behavior, send the data to a real server.


  • Basically there is 2 main firmware paradigms : Arduino/Lua
  • How to talk ? You can use a terminal i.e : screen /dev/tty.USB0 9600
  • Esplorer is great but use java.
  • 9600 is classical for nodemcu.
  • 115200 is classical for Wemos D1 mini


  • you want speed, realtime or love arduino
  • get the ESP8266 library for arduino and program the thing as usual.


  • you prefer the easy path : get one with lua firmware or upload it !
  • luatool is in python and just works with a lua firmware. Download source. You need pyserial : sudo easy_install pyserial
  • to flash the thing it's : esptool
  • lua firmware images can be found in the nodemcu-flasher github
  • lua developpper faq