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/tmp/lab is a hacker space in Choisy le Roi for people doing creative things with technology, culture and arts.

Le /tmp/lab est un hackerspace situé a Choisy le Roi, pour ceux qui font des choses créatives avec la technologie, la culture et les arts

It’s the first Parisian hacker space and is a project from lelab.fr initiative.

C’est le premier hackerspace parisien et un projet de lelab.fr

We are hosting projects, workshops, conferences and a lot of various technological activities in this 100 square meter underground space.

Un ensemble des projets, d’ateliers, de conférences et diverses activités technologiques se deroulent dans le sous sol de la mediatheque.

We aim at getting together people from the most varied horizons, making projects together and sparking new ideas for the 21st century. Various people are developping new ideas, new projects, new arts, bridging the digital divide, helping people to grasp technology in a creative manner, communicating our open vision of the world, empowering people to develop their project with new technologies.

You can reach most of us on irc.freenode.net on #tmplab and make sure also to subscribe to the mailing list for information and discussion.

Vous pouvez nous contacter sur irc.freenode.net (#tmplab) ou souscrire a la mailing list pour plus d’informations et autres discussions.

Why This name “/tmp/lab”?
Well… this is a lab, a hacker space, and in a temporary place which, as all temporary place, tend to be a permatemp place, staying in place for much longer than the few years foreseen. Years are already such a long time that /tmp/lab seemed appropriate as a pun and a reference to what you tend to leave in your temp directory on Unix machines.

Who can participate?
Everyone, just subscribe to the mailing list and come to the /tmp/lab.

Tout le monde quelque soit le niveau peut participer, il suffit de souscrire a la mailing liste.

Where is it?
Check out the contact page.

Pour nous trouver suivre la page contact

Are you bad people?
Haha… Media have done a successful but terrible job of describing hackers as bad people. It’s just people who use technology creatively. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker for a good introduction to this matter.

Haha… les medias ont reussi leur grossiere erreur de decrire les hackers comme de mauvaises personnes. Ce sont juste des personnes qui utilisent la technologie de facon creative, L’article sur wikipedia est une bonne introduction.

Legally, how do you exist?
/tmp/lab is composed of multiple structures.

A non-profit association in France (Association loi 1901) that manages the local event in Choisy and is in direct contact with many other hacker spaces in Europe and in France to promote freedom and creativity in technology.

Une association en France gere le local a Choisy, est egalement directement en rapport avec d’autres hackerspaces en Europe et promeut la liberté et la creativité avec les technologies.

A US-based entity that is responsible for this website. Due to the absence of law in french constitution related to “Freedom of Information”, we chose to have all web hosting and data hosting activities in the US, under the US organization so that any complaint about the information we provide cannot be attacked in france. On top of that the retarded laws on data retention can’t apply on US-based servers.

Some activities are conducted outside of France and US, for example regarding reverse engineering, in countries where the politics where not bought out to the point of making such basic right illegal.

Certaines activités sont realisees hors de France et des USA, comme le retro engineering. Dans certains pays, les politiques ne sont toujours pas sorti de l’idee de considerer ce droit basique comme illegal.

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