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/tmp/lab @ wintercamp, Amsterdam, NL

This week is the wintercamp, and a few members of /tmp/lab and Art Sensitif are going there, along with Jaromil for Dyne, meeting 160 participants for a networked experience in order to create, cross-breed and develop what the collectives are doing. Very different than the traditionnal approach to CodeCamps or Hack Conference, wintercamp is organized by some great dutch organization giving it a very different flavor, at least in the

BattleWirelessMesh2009 – April 11-12 @ TmpLab – Sponsors Update

SPONSORS updates The TmpLab is pleased to announce the support of two first sponsors for the BattleWirelessMesh to help this event to be the one occasion a have a real case mesh test-bed. Wireless-fr (http://wireless-fr.org)  will be providing 8 nodes (Buffalo) FON (http://fon.com) will be providing 25 nodes (WRT54G) We are still looking for more supports from the community and from the vendors to complete our architecture. DEVELOPERS updates Already

First TMPLAB Wireless Battle Mesh – April 11-12th 2009 @ tmplab

We are pleased to announce that the /tmp/lab  will be organizing a Spring Wireless OpenWRT Mesh Contest called “Wireless Battle Mesh” during 2 days (April 11-12th) with the goal of building 3 wireless mesh networks based on embedded hardware running OpenWRT and different concurrent mesh routing protocols. The targeted architecture will be 3 networks of 25nodes + 1 wireless managment networks (10-20 nodes) to achieve realistic size of nodes number,