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/tmp/lab circuit bending night

OMG! They took it! They took the VCR! NOOOO!! Not the washing machine now! You sick f**k ! Rahhh… I spent so much time fixing it!! /tmp/lab circuit bending — www.tmplab.org Uploaded by tmplab

OLPC Sugar on EEE pc with bootable USB key and OLPC XO emulation fun

After the BackTrack3 Live SD card for EEE, I continued the distribution exploration with the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) operating system on their brand new XO laptops and their slick and simple GUI called Sugar. Before jumping into “did this, done that”, current advances in SD card and USB memory sticks sizes, bootable distribution and virtualization take computing to a different level. Remember when you use to insert a

An astronomical experiment

In the dark quietness of the lab, using a special lens shaped like the leg of a wine drinking glass, a light source, and a piece of cardboard, we saw the Einstein Ring today. In space, these rings and associated shapes appear when light from distant sources is bent by a massive galaxy or group thereof. Our lens bends light exactly the same way a black hole weighting 75% of

EEE boots on USB & SD card

Here is a Tutorial on how to boot your EEE pc with USB-key or SD-card that I wrote coming back from Indonesia. The cool thing is that you can have as many 1Gb or 2Gb SD-cards for as many distribution you need to work with. Let’s say you need to use Debian for some compile jobs, Nexenta for some Open Solaris testing and Backtrack3 for some security/hacking jobs? Easy, you

Hacker spaces presentation @ Economie 0, February, Sat 16, 9 PM-10 PM

Conférence en français samedi 16/02, 21h-22h dans le cadre de Economie 0 Philippe Langlois parlera des hackers spaces & des initiatives utilisant l’art et les technologies pour la création hybride dans le domaine de l’information, de l’open source, de l’activisme, des technologies et de l’économie: “Messages contradictoires, fausses identités, hacking, technologies disruptives. Ce n’est pas seulement le hacking mais tout le domaine de la culture, de la communication et des

/tmp/lab member in Indonesia

Next week, i’ll be visiting Indonesia open source initiatives and meet hackers from all over the place there. Maybe you too? (add comment to make contact) What’s planned is to meet some of Bellua people, then meet local contacts with Jaromil (see Dyne & co) and continue to Bandung to meet a nice techcrowd there such as for example the people at CommonRoom. After trip addon: Gallery pictures of the

First OneDayBlast at /tmp/lab on SS7

We will be doing a Signal System 7 workshop this thursday at the Lab, so if you are interested, come there ! See the outline below. It will be taking place as a One Day Blast : a free day during which you can promote your own project and/or participate to any ongoing project. It is free, free of charge and anyone can come ! More informations about : http://www.OneDayBlast.org

Dynagen / Dynamips / CISCO Lab

Right now, testing Dynagen CISCO emulator. That thing is groovy! http://www.dynagen.org/tutorial.htm http://www.dynagen.org/

/tmp/lab boot party

Let’s party for the opening of /tmp/lab. This saturday 14th of December, 2007, we’ll party from 10PM to the morning, all night long. Bring along your drinks, your stuff, your friends, your whatever. Wild dresscode, no dresscode, code.  Bring Your Flask. Don’t Bring Your Laptop.


One of our first project is to get proper sunlight into the basement. We have thus started to work on a SkyLight that will provide us with light similar to the sun (below this thick concrete shelter). Currently our plans are to use 6000K fluorescent tubes that provides “Daylight” glare, combined with colored lights that will restore a warm atmosphere.


/tmp/lab is physically and virtually started. With over 100 square meters in the suburb of Paris and this server, we’re pleased to open the first hacker space in Paris area. Please understand hack as creative use of technology, not computer intrusion, and stay tuned for more infos. /tmp/lab is the first hacklab setup by the lelab.fr initiative. We hope to create and disseminate much more technology and creativity places in


The space at 6Bis has been cleaned up (thanks Phil & Massoud) and we are setting up equipment.