EEE boots on USB & SD card

Here is a Tutorial on how to boot your EEE pc with USB-key or SD-card that I wrote coming back from Indonesia.

The cool thing is that you can have as many 1Gb or 2Gb SD-cards for as many distribution you need to work with. Let’s say you need to use Debian for some compile jobs, Nexenta for some Open Solaris testing and Backtrack3 for some security/hacking jobs? Easy, you just install each of these distribution on a different SD-card (10 euro these days for a 2Gb SD-card) and using one is just as easy as changing disks and rebooting it.

As we are also developping the OLPC France initiative, EEE pc provides an interesting alternative to the XO. Being able to test out the distribution in such a way adds to the “technology fluidity” of such platforms. More to come 😉

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