Breizh Entropy Congress – Schedule published!

We are glad to publish today the schedule of the Breizh Entropy Congress, to be held in Rennes, France between April 15th 2010 and April 17th 2010. The congress is themed around free culture and technologies. It features conferences and workshops on an eclectic selection of subjects: from 3D printing to digital chip design, through rural area networks, well-known projects such as Wikimedia and Mozilla, free software economy, relationships with mega-corporations, and security frenzy. Artistic projects will also play an important role, with several installations and performances through the festival and an opening concert featuring a full evening of live music ranging from traditional Irish songs to electroclash and pop-rock.
We thank all submitters for their excellent proposals and their contribution to the event. Without you, nothing would be possible.

Download the complete schedule here.

Entrance is free for all. Feel free to distribute this schedule, blog, tweet, invite your friends and help us bring more people to the congress!

Practical info
Universite de Rennes, Campus Beaulieu
263 Avenue du Général Leclerc
35700 Rennes, France
Price: Free!
Opening: Thursday, April 15th 2010, 20:00
Closing: Saturday, April 17th 2010, 18:00

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