Packet crafting toolkits in Ruby

After a quick browse of packet crafting libraries in Ruby, I got to see the following situation that might interest anyone who would like to craft and send packets in Ruby.

Python pioneered the field mainly with excellent Philippe Biondi’s scapy that got so much press and attention. Now, with Metasploit and various other tools being developped in Ruby, we have more and more reasons to focus on Ruby for this kind of activity, so what do we have at our disposal for such tasks, here is a little recap of the main projects:

  • Scruby : one of the first, copying quite accurately scapy. Seems to have been mainly replaced by PacketFu and Racket.
  • Racket : the one being currently used by Metasploit and modeled after libdnet. Still being actively developped.
  • PacketFu : PacketFu is trying to make a come back into Metasploit by providing the same protocol support at Racket does. Still being actively developped.

Write a comment and tell us which one you prefer.

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