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Workshop: Soldering workshop + Repurposing Audio Devices as Hacking Tools

This thursday 18th of December 2008 at 8 PM, there will be a workshop with Mitch Altman, father and inventor of TV-B-Gone,

1/ First part: Soldering Workshop
Learn to solder, anyone can learn. Just bring your solder iron if you have one. If you don’t, it’s ok, we have some. Mitch has fun kits to practice on. Reimbursement for parts cost requested. Lack of fund should not be a problem to you (means: COME ON!)

2/ Repurposing Audio Devices as Hacking Tools
TV B Gone from an Music Player?
Consumer B Gone from your cell phone?

Audio cards and players are amazing hacking platforms for other-than-sound signalling:
* Infra Red
* Radio-frequencies
* Electromagnetic Fields
All this can be generated by your audio output!!!

Come and let’s be creative about what will be the next WHATEVER-B-Gone


Ce jeudi 18 à 20h00, il va y avoir un Workshop avec Mitch Altman, l’inventeur de TV-B-Gone,

1/ Workshop “Apprend a souder”
Tout le monde peut souder!
Vient avec ton fer a souder si tu en as un, sinon, viens quand meme.

Mitch a des kits marrnt pour s’entrainer.
(Remboursement des couts seulements, les fauchés doivent quand même venir 😉

2/ Subvertir votre equipement Audio comme plateforme de Hack

TV B Gone venant d’un iPod?
Consumer B Gone a partir de la sortie audio de votre telephone portable?

Les cartes audios sont de merveilleux outils de hack pour generer des signaux differents du son:
* Infra Rouge
* Frequences radio
* Champs Electromagnetiques
Tout cela peut venir de votre sortie audio.

Venez et créons ensemble le prochain N’IMPORTE-QUOI-BE-Gone

Mitch & Phil.


2 Replies to “Workshop: Soldering workshop + Repurposing Audio Devices as Hacking Tools”

  1. ktenney says:

    Can you recommend online resources regarding leveraging soundcards as IO devices?


  2. phil says:


    * Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky (Not the Aureon 5.1 Fun, PCI or USB!!!) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space (+/- € 85,-) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 (+/- € 149,-) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * M-Audio Revolution 5.1 (+/- € 70,-) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * M-Audio Revolution 7.1 (+/- € 95,-) (Seen for €49,-) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * M-Audio Audiophile 192 (+/- € 150,-)
    * RME HDSP9632 (+/- € 439,-)
    * E-MU 0404 (+/- € 99,-)
    * E-MU 1212m (+/- € 199,-)
    * Hercules Fortissimo 4 (+/- € 48,-) (VIA Envy24HT chip)
    * ESI Maya44 (+/- € 99,-)
    * ESI Juli@ (+/- € 149,-)
    * C-Media CMI9880L Onboard Audio Codec (sometimes the output isn’t filtered)


    * Terratec Aureon 7.1 FireWire

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