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BattleWirelessMesh2009 – April 11-12 @ TmpLab :: Organizations updates

We are pleased to confirm the coming up WirelessBattleMesh April11-12th at
the TMPLAB with the battle of the three mesh wireless protocols.


*Friday 10th : Welcoming of the first people coming and flashing of the
node + configuration of the nodes

*Sat 11th :
**Morning : setting up the nodes on-site and validation of the different
**Afternoon : first series of tests and measurements with fixed nodes
*Sun 12th :
**Morning : second series of tests and measurement with fixed and mobile
nodes (laptops)
**Afternoon : Optimization of the protocols and Conclusion


FON : 25 nodes
HSB : 32 nodes
Wireless-fr : 6 nodes
Tmplab : 15 nodes
BATMAN : 10 nodes
Thus0 : 5 nodes

and bring your own nodes if possibly to have the total number of nodes


Nodes running OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09

brcm-2.4 for Broadcom-based targets and atheros for Atheros-based targets.

OLSR  0.5.6r4

BATMAN        0.3.1

BABEL 0.9.3


The 6bis is a large building made of concrete so there should not be any
problems with radio interference even though the nodes are pretty close to
each other thus allowing pretty good isolation of each node’s coverage area.

*25 nodes for each protocol
*Nodes will be 3 by 3 (one for each protocol)
*Nodes position

**in the tmplab
**around the 6bis building where the tmplab is hosted
**at the second floor of the 6bis building


There is an hotel near the /tmp/lab which should be fairly empty at this
period of the year, rooms are around 40 euros. If you bring your sleeping bag
it might be possible for you to land and sleep at the /tmp/lab. Members of
the /tmp/lab may also welcome you home in their respective homes. There are
also a couple of restaurants and Döner Kebab near the /tmp/lab.


Network topology, addressing and deployed services to test the different
protocols will be detailed to you on Tuesday evening.


See you this Thursday, Friday or this week-end.

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