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HSF2009: Deadline for Proposals Extended to May 12th

The HSF2009 Programming Committee[0] has extended the deadline for proposals to the upcoming Hacker Space Festival[1] next month.

Fellow hackers can send conferences and workshops proposals until May 12 (next week). After this date, the CFP will be closed for good.

For late proposals:

  • Re-read the Call For Proposals[2]
  • Make sure you can come in the first place
  • Do use the provided fields from the CFP

As a reminder:

  • this is a hacker event
  • this is a self-organized operation
  • we can’t cover any expenses (travel, visa, etc.)
  • we can provide free accomodation on site (bring camping gear)
  • we can provide cheap (but good) food

Speakers already selected will be notified starting tomorrow, as scheduled.

[0] http://hackerspace.net/committee
[1] http://hackerspace.net/
[2] http://hackerspace.net/cfp

HSF2009 Programming Committee

All I can say is that I will NEVER forget the HSF disco night and the most heart baring confession I took being the Pope of the Church of Security. The guys just blew me away for life! When the HSF is on, I can’t be anywhere else in the world now. I just gotta be there. I’m so totally hooked!

-- Marcos El Ruptor, (http://enrupt.com/)

An “hackerspace” festival is about a bunch of freaky geniuses
hacking day and night until falling aligned in sleeping bags on the

-- Denis "Jaromil" Roio

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