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/tmp/toor Tour Of Other Routes

Hellekin and LeKernel have started road trips of hackerspaces around Europe.

The first /tmp/toor took place in May, gathering greetings for the Metalab’s 3rd birthday from Karlsruhe, Munich, Linz, Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Brussel, Luxemburg, Köln and Paris. The materials gathered during the trip are available at http://hellekin.cepheide.org/HSET/

One month later, LeKernel toured Northern and Central Europe from Paris to Brussel, Bochum, Hannover, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Luxemburg, and Nancy.

July will see yet another tour, this time of Italy. Stay tuned! Watch http://wiki.tmplab.org/index.php/HackerSpaceEuroTours

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