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Stages au /tmp/lab – internships

Vous voulez avoir un stage intéressant? Travailler sur de l’Open Source? Ne pas bosser pour des prunes pour Google? Bosser avec des gens venant d’horizon variés et possédant une vraie passion et une vraie expertise technique (wow, ca commence a ressembler a une pauvre annonce de RH toute naze 😉 hehe), eh bien maintenant c’est possible car on ouvre les stages au /tmp/lab. Contactez nous si ca vous interesse.

Want to have a cool internship working on open source software? Don’t want to work for peanuts for Google? Want to have your own agenda? Join the /tmp/lab and make your internship into a unique experience. French or English speaking welcome.

Plus de détail sur les sujets possibles / More details on possible subjects:

Some of the proposed projects:

  • Streamster2: Easy to use, Advanced TOR-like network
  • HostileWRT: Shell, C or Lua code on WiFi, security, audit, embedded platforms.
  • RubySCTP: Ruby SCTP stack with the same API as pySCTP (based on lksctp / SCTP socket API)
  • FasterJasperRb: Ruby Jasper Reports accelerated report server (as suggested in http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/HowtoIntegrateJasperReports)
  • Redmine improved interface to manage bugs and edit Wiki
  • Input engine for Redmine Wiki (to make it accept Trac wiki syntax, Mediawiki syntax, …)
  • BrokenTV key: Linux-based USB key for journalism in censored/hostile territories
  • BrokenTV platform: Free and Open source platform for Open / Mutable Web TV broadcasting
  • Anti-MitM: Detect and block Man in the Middle attacks with forged SSL certificates

if you have a project you’d like to propose, please tell us, we are also welcoming outside student / research projects.

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