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So, Why is WikiLeaks a Good Thing Again?

Wikileaks is changed our world in just a few month of actions. Now the foreign affairs have to think in a new way: democracy have “crept in” their protected sphere and they cannot do anymore what they were accustomed to do in total impunity.

Thus, Wikileaks brings in a new general international policy of responsibility of embassies and foreign affairs to engage only in actions that they could justify in front of million eyes.

Wikileaks is showing also that net neutrality is not only a matter of “tubes” where internet flows, but a matter of companies that host and manage server infrastructure that must be done in a neutral way too. When Paypal (avoid them, it’s known fact) cut without reason the account of Wikileaks and Amazon (avoid them now) cut the hosting of Wikileaks, we see a clear influence of US government power in private affairs. This is a total lack of net neutrality, and you can be sure FCC is not going to raise alarm about this one.

It’s ok, Wikileaks expects such attacks from “affiliated powers”, that is those who receive orders from the powerful. It’s interesting because now we see those who obbey (Paypal, Amazon, some NGOs, french minister Besson) who declare war against Wikileaks and those who are independent or progressive (Ecuador, Sweden, PRQ, Octopuce, …) who support wikileaks.

Wikileaks has already reacted to these censorship, by being hosted in Switzerland now for example (http://www.wikileaks.ch). Now support to wikileaks is fundamental for those who wish to support free speech and freedom on the Internet and in the world. Please support Wikileaks.


So, Why is WikiLeaks a Good Thing Again?.


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