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Awesome or the Passion of Lists

Collecting things is a strange hobby. If you’re not into that, it’s a bit odd to see any individual focusing a good part of his life on a specific type of objects. Yet it is a very rational activity, with the qualifying, categorizing, ordering, and generally everything related to typology.

On the other hand, collecting links is a very common thing. I guess everyone gathers some in their Favorites. Some go through the same process : order, classify, refine, qualify. Sharing links is trivial these days. Yet not all websites offer the structural capacity to summarize with lists.

And then, there’s what’s leading the web these days, curation. After the community manager, the curator. The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Curators, and Why They’ll Leave You Shocked, this kind of click baiting is the surface of this new dimension of our culture.

Well, welcome to a strange domain, where people collect links about technologies, organize, curate and publish them.

It all started with Awesome Malware Analysis. Quite the resource, for who discovers this field of activity. Lots of projects, with git collective power on github community.

The project cited the Awesome PHP and Awesome Python. And there you go, massive lists of libraries, frameworks, probably more than you’ll need.

And then, the the Awesome list of awesome lists appeared ! Everything for you nerds out there. Sorted by categories, more than 200 lists at this moment. So much links out there.

At this point, it was pretty recursive. Yet, there’s room for worse. It is time for the monster to appear.

Yes, it exists. There is a list of lists of lists. It is on Wikipedia. Enjoy the recursivity


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