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Workshop OpenWrt le jeudi 3 juillet au /tmp/lab

Bonjour à tous, Jeudi 3 juillet prochain, Nicolas Thill et moi-même nous proposons d’organiser un workshop sur l’environnement de développement embarqué OpenWrt. Nous allons bientôt faire une release en août, Kamikaze 8.08, pour laquelle nous souhaitons obtenir un maximum de retour avant sa sortie. Au programme, nous couvrirons : – Historique du projet – Les principes de la compilation croisée et sa structuration dans OpenWrt – Prise en main d’OpenWrt

HSF’08 : ElectroMagneticField room results

During the HackerSpaceFestival 2008, we installed a room with a TES92 ElectroSmog FieldMeter (50MHz – 3.5GHz) to be used to measure the Magnetic Field from different cellphones during a call. The people were asked to make a call with their cellphone at less than 5 cms from the field meter. The TES 92 had been verified using a spectrum analyzer and modulation generator at 1v/m. The EU regulation usually make

Hackers et sans complexe – InternetActu.net

Jean-Marc Manach d’InternetActu fait un petit article sur HSF2008. Hackers et sans complexe | InternetActu.net

01net. – Tentative d’intrusion de hackers à Vitry-sur-Seine

Un petit article en Français sur le Hacker Space Fest 2008 par 01 net. 01net. – Tentative d’intrusion de hackers à Vitry-sur-Seine

The Hacker Space Fest is going on…

Today was the first day of HSF2008. For those who cannot be at the lab, you can follow the event via video streaming on http://justin.tv/hackerspace/.

HackerSpaceFestival = 16.06 -> 22.06 :: Pre inscription ouvertes

Les pre inscriptions pour le HackerSpaceFestival sont desormais ouvertes depuis le site HackerSpace.net depuis la page : http://www.tmplab.org/subscribe/ Le site du tmplab se prepare aux differentes conferences, workshops et activites performances artistiques en esperant vous y voir nombreux. Les aides sont les bienvenus dans les jours precedents le HSF en suivant les activites depuis l`IRC #frlab sur Freenode. See ya there. /tmp/lab.

HSF2008 registration is now open !

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Hacker Space Festival is now open ! Space is limited ! So, if you plan to attend, please fill in the subscription form to make sure you will get a place. You will be given a registration number that you should note down and give at the entrance. The entrance fee is at your discretion, you can give whatever you want.

Impressions from the Maker Faire, May 3&4, 2008, San Mateo

The Maker Faire is an event that occurs every six month and alternate between San Mateo and Austin, Texas. It is organized by the famous Make magazine http://makezine.com/ . The goal of the event is to be a mix of Arts, Crafts, Engineering, Green Tech, Music, Science & Technology. I was a lucky guy to be here for the Maker Faire in San Mateo, a city in the Silicon Valley

Hacker Space Fest Call For Papers (CFP) – June 2008

What would the Internet look like without hackers? What would computing look like without free and open source software? What would the culture look like with DRM and closed media channels everywhere? Where do art and technology merge? Would Gilbert Simondon be happy if he were alive today? Many questions will be debated during the first Hacker Space Fest from the 16th to the 22nd June 2008 near Paris, in

OLPC Sugar on EEE pc with bootable USB key and OLPC XO emulation fun

After the BackTrack3 Live SD card for EEE, I continued the distribution exploration with the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) operating system on their brand new XO laptops and their slick and simple GUI called Sugar. Before jumping into “did this, done that”, current advances in SD card and USB memory sticks sizes, bootable distribution and virtualization take computing to a different level. Remember when you use to insert a

Hacker spaces presentation @ Economie 0, February, Sat 16, 9 PM-10 PM

Conférence en français samedi 16/02, 21h-22h dans le cadre de Economie 0 Philippe Langlois parlera des hackers spaces & des initiatives utilisant l’art et les technologies pour la création hybride dans le domaine de l’information, de l’open source, de l’activisme, des technologies et de l’économie: “Messages contradictoires, fausses identités, hacking, technologies disruptives. Ce n’est pas seulement le hacking mais tout le domaine de la culture, de la communication et des

/tmp/lab member in Indonesia

Next week, i’ll be visiting Indonesia open source initiatives and meet hackers from all over the place there. Maybe you too? (add comment to make contact) What’s planned is to meet some of Bellua people, then meet local contacts with Jaromil (see Dyne & co) and continue to Bandung to meet a nice techcrowd there such as for example the people at CommonRoom. After trip addon: Gallery pictures of the

/tmp/lab boot party

Let’s party for the opening of /tmp/lab. This saturday 14th of December, 2007, we’ll party from 10PM to the morning, all night long. Bring along your drinks, your stuff, your friends, your whatever. Wild dresscode, no dresscode, code.  Bring Your Flask. Don’t Bring Your Laptop.


/tmp/lab is physically and virtually started. With over 100 square meters in the suburb of Paris and this server, we’re pleased to open the first hacker space in Paris area. Please understand hack as creative use of technology, not computer intrusion, and stay tuned for more infos. /tmp/lab is the first hacklab setup by the lelab.fr initiative. We hope to create and disseminate much more technology and creativity places in


The space at 6Bis has been cleaned up (thanks Phil & Massoud) and we are setting up equipment.