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Toxic Gas Sensors

Those of you who have been to the /tmp/lab may have experienced the delicate smells of the nearby chemical factory. We want to learn more about this pollution, so we will implement an automated measurement system. To monitor the air concentration of pollutants, we use cheap sensors made by a company called Figaro. The models used are TGS2600 and TGS2602; the same are used by the FridaV project. The TGS2600

FPGA Workshop #3: Computer Architecture, August 29th

Computer architecture is the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components to create computers that meet functional, performance and cost goals (Wikipedia). With the invasion of digital devices during the last decade (cellphones, wireless routers, digital TV…), it has become more than ever ubiquitous. However, it is still a poorly known subject for most people. Even among the self-proclaimed hardware hacking community, most fanatics of the Arduino development

Church of Security

Church of Security opened its temporary chapel last week. Preaching about the over-development of surveillance and the creative space it created for us, believers, who will use Infrared-Blinder for CCTV, Consumer B Gone to prevent highly dangerous terrorist from stealing your shopping cart in the supermarket, RFID detection and activation Crosses and other artifacts during our constant celebration of the all-seeing, all-knowing (yet slow to act) God of Security. Allelujhack!

Consumer B Gone at 25C3

Don’t miss out the lightning talk we will be giving today at 25C3 on Consumer B Gone ! At approx 12 in Saal 2. More info on these pages : Consumer B Gone : http://www.tmplab.org/2008/06/18/consumer-b-gone/ Lightning talks : http://events.ccc.de/congress/2008/wiki/Lightning_Talks#Talks_-_Day.234 And for those who are not at the 25C3, there is streaming video : http://events.ccc.de/congress/2008/wiki/Streaming

Consumer B Gone

Consumer B Gone enables you to block a shopping cart by just playing some tones out of your mobile phone speaker as a song or as a ringtone. Consumer B Gone is born from the incredible shock that the shopping cart wheel could be remotely locked if you tried to exit the supermarket parking lot. The root cause of it was an antenna (a wire in the ground at the

OLPC Sugar on EEE pc with bootable USB key and OLPC XO emulation fun

After the BackTrack3 Live SD card for EEE, I continued the distribution exploration with the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) operating system on their brand new XO laptops and their slick and simple GUI called Sugar. Before jumping into “did this, done that”, current advances in SD card and USB memory sticks sizes, bootable distribution and virtualization take computing to a different level. Remember when you use to insert a

An astronomical experiment

In the dark quietness of the lab, using a special lens shaped like the leg of a wine drinking glass, a light source, and a piece of cardboard, we saw the Einstein Ring today. In space, these rings and associated shapes appear when light from distant sources is bent by a massive galaxy or group thereof. Our lens bends light exactly the same way a black hole weighting 75% of

EEE boots on USB & SD card

Here is a Tutorial on how to boot your EEE pc with USB-key or SD-card that I wrote coming back from Indonesia. The cool thing is that you can have as many 1Gb or 2Gb SD-cards for as many distribution you need to work with. Let’s say you need to use Debian for some compile jobs, Nexenta for some Open Solaris testing and Backtrack3 for some security/hacking jobs? Easy, you

Dynagen / Dynamips / CISCO Lab

Right now, testing Dynagen CISCO emulator. That thing is groovy! http://www.dynagen.org/tutorial.htm http://www.dynagen.org/


One of our first project is to get proper sunlight into the basement. We have thus started to work on a SkyLight that will provide us with light similar to the sun (below this thick concrete shelter). Currently our plans are to use 6000K fluorescent tubes that provides “Daylight” glare, combined with colored lights that will restore a warm atmosphere.