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One-Liner Bash-Based Continuous Integration (OLBABACI)

It’s all about CI these days: Jenkins, Buildbot, numerous SaaS service embedding these fine FLOSS and hoping for a recurring credit card based subscription,… and for a reason. Continuous Integration allow for quicker feedback, shorter dev iterations, better communication. The principle is simple: as soon as their is a change in code, configuration, datasets, automatically retest the whole application and send automated output (and diffs from previous runs, dashboard, etc..)

New code at /tmp/lab: ss7calc

You certainly know about ipcalc, this simple but pretty utility that enables people to calculate netmasks and IP addresses notations easily? What about ss7calc (download)… Well, to start with, SS7 is even more complicated than IP netmasks. SS7 is the network protocol that enable you to send SMS, to receive calls on your mobile and even to change location while staying on the line. But SS7 “addresses” are not like