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New code at /tmp/lab: ss7calc

ss7You certainly know about ipcalc, this simple but pretty utility that enables people to calculate netmasks and IP addresses notations easily? What about ss7calc (download)… Well, to start with, SS7 is even more complicated than IP netmasks. SS7 is the network protocol that enable you to send SMS, to receive calls on your mobile and even to change location while staying on the line. But SS7 “addresses” are not like IP addresses, mainly because they can be coded on 14 or 24 bits. They are called “Point Codes or “Signaling Point Codes”.

Now a new open source project by /tmp/lab member helps you calculate ss7 signaling point codes: http://github.com/philpraxis/ss7calc. Thanks Github. Thanks ipcalc for the model.

There will be a workshop on SS7 hacking at 26C3. Get in touch on /tmp/lab mailing list. If requested, we can do a pre-workshop session at /tmp/lab before.

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