Workshop announce : BootstrapPIC


The goal of this workshop is to build and burn the usbpicprog PIC burner, using nothing but resources available at the /tmp/lab (excepted the electronic components, of course). As you can see, this burner uses a PIC, meaning we need a PIC burner to build the device. Depending on the available resources, we’ll use a pre existing PIC burner or we’ll build a JDM burner to burn the first PIC, then we’ll burn the remaining PICs with this freshly burnt PIC, effectively bootstrapping the process.

Why not buying a burner instead ?

  • because you can Do It Yourself
  • because you can reprogram the burner
  • because a workshop involves people meeting, and people meeting involves BEER !!


  • Basic soldering skills
  • Soldering iron (not mandatory, but you don’t want to wait for other to finish soldering, do you ?)


  • We need you to register before Nov 22th to order electronic parts.
  • Workshop currently scheduled for Saturday 28th at 14:00, at /tmp/lab.

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