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Kubernetes Security tech session [Upcoming]

Covid19 won’t block us! So let’s go virtual. We’re going to organize a virtual Kubernetes Security tech session soon so that interested people can join and share experiences about this. Goal is to look into:

  • Seccomp
  • AppArmor
  • Capabilities
  • Nodes isolation and security
  • Admission controllers
  • K8S Scheduler and controller
  • APIs Security
  • Misc CNCF projects such as:
    • Vitess
    • Jaeger
    • Lyft’s Clutch
    • Spotify’s Backstage
    • KOPS

For now, best way to show your interest is to join a newly created RIOT Element chat room #tmplab-public and say you’d like to participate.

Depending on interest, we’ll chose a date for start. We’ll then update this page (or post a new one) to announce dates and start.

Best regards, philpraxis.

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