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VoIP hacking workshop

This thursday, a VoIP hacking workshop by Sn0rky will happen @ /tmp/lab. This workshop will include: * Identification of the VoIP Product * VLAN hopping, accessing the voice VLAN from the data VLAN * VoIP accounts enumeration * Communication wiretapping and injection of sound during a call * Spoofing of phone profiles and identity spoofing * UNISTM attack on Cisco IP phones * Bypass of call restrictions and voice gateway

Estive Numérique | Digital Peak | Appel à projets / Call for projects

Appel à projets et communications Bienvenue aux rencontres Estive Numérique | Digital Peak, le 5 ème événement de l’année 2010 des HackerSpace Festivals en France. Estive Numérique est une rencontre d’été, du 20 au 26 juillet 2010, aux portes du Parc National du Mercantour à 100 km de Nice, France. Conférences et ateliers Art, Sciences et Technologies à plus de 1800m d’altitude sur la commune de Péone, dans un cadre

Breizh Entropy Congress: le programme!

Nous sommes heureux de publier le programme du Breizh Entropy Congress, qui se tiendra à Rennes (France) entre le 15 et le 17 avril 2010. Ce congrès traite le thème de la culture et des technologies libres. Il propose des conférences et des ateliers sur une sélection éclectique de sujets: de l’impression 3D à la conception de puces électroniques, en passant par les réseaux sans fil ruraux, des projets bien

Breizh Entropy Congress – Schedule published!

We are glad to publish today the schedule of the Breizh Entropy Congress, to be held in Rennes, France between April 15th 2010 and April 17th 2010. The congress is themed around free culture and technologies. It features conferences and workshops on an eclectic selection of subjects: from 3D printing to digital chip design, through rural area networks, well-known projects such as Wikimedia and Mozilla, free software economy, relationships with

Deadline Extension For Les Contorsions Technologiques

The deadline for les Contorsions Technologiques has been pushed back by two weeks. The new schedule is the following: April 3, 23h59 GMT : end of submissions April 8 : acceptation notifications April 15 : final program publication The Call for Proposals is available here, send your submissions at cfp@contorsions-technologiques.org. See you at the end of April !

Milkymist 0.3 release announcement

It is with great excitement that I am announcing the release of Milkymist 0.3. This release marks a significant milestone for the project: since now, it’s no longer tens of thousands of lines of code for nerds only. It’s also an actual MilkDrop implementation, rendering good-looking visual effects that EVERYBODY can appreciate. But, see for yourself. If you have a Xilinx ML401 board, grab your JTAG cable and fetch a

Breizh Entropy Congress artistic schedule

================================ BREIZH ENTROPY CONGRESS April 15-17 2010, Rennes, France Artistic Schedule ================================ French version at bottom / Version française en bas Breizh Entropy Congress is an inter-disciplinary event focusing on free (as in freedom) creations and culture. Through a meeting fostering open-mindedness, exchange of ideas and learning, we hope to show solutions to technical, social and political problems, and celebrate free, reclaimed and creative art and technology. We are proud

A (Maker fair)|(Hacker fest) in Paris – Announcing Les Contorsions Technologiques

La Suite Logique hackerspace invites hackers from all around the world to participate to the first edition of Les Contorsions Technologiques that will run from April 30 to May 2 at la Suite, alternative cultural space in the middle of Paris, France. What are Les Contorsions Technologiques ? It’s a mix of workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations and performance, in a setting favorable to discovery, experimentation and exchange. It’s an invitation to

Breizh Entropy Congress – Call for Proposals

================================ BREIZH ENTROPY CONGRESS April 15-17 2010, Rennes, France Call for Proposals ================================ French version at bottom / Version française en bas Passionate individuals and non-profit organizations from the region of Rennes, Brittany, France invite you to participate in the first Breizh Entropy Congress. This inter-disciplinary event focuses on free (as in freedom) creations and culture. Through a meeting fostering open-mindedness, exchange of ideas and learning, we hope to show

OpenWrt/Milkymist coding party, Dec 21st 17:00

A workshop/coding party will take place at the /tmp/lab in order to finalize the porting of the OpenWrt Linux distribution to the Milkymist open hardware system-on-chip. Every interested person is welcome. Venue: http://www.tmplab.org/contact Date: Monday Dec 21st 2009, starting at 17:00 UPDATE!!!! Because the train that goes to /tmp/lab has suddenly broke down, the event is moved to DigitalNonSense (Paris 17) at 19:00

Police raid in hack labs? is it still the 80s?

Disturbing, this is the most appropriate word. It feels like the 80s again. When the hackers were the big bad people in politician’s, media’s, general public’s… and police officers’ heads. A swedish hackerspace was raided last week, for no apparent valid reason (illegal bar investigation in a punk concert next door, and they came with IT experts and seized computers..). Is swedish administration so retarded that it didn’t evolve and

New code at /tmp/lab: ss7calc

You certainly know about ipcalc, this simple but pretty utility that enables people to calculate netmasks and IP addresses notations easily? What about ss7calc (download)… Well, to start with, SS7 is even more complicated than IP netmasks. SS7 is the network protocol that enable you to send SMS, to receive calls on your mobile and even to change location while staying on the line. But SS7 “addresses” are not like

Workshop announce : BootstrapPIC

Summary The goal of this workshop is to build and burn the usbpicprog PIC burner, using nothing but resources available at the /tmp/lab (excepted the electronic components, of course). As you can see, this burner uses a PIC, meaning we need a PIC burner to build the device. Depending on the available resources, we’ll use a pre existing PIC burner or we’ll build a JDM burner to burn the first

HostileWRT presented at Hack.lu

This week, HostileWRT is going to be presented during Hack.lu in Luxembourg. Eugene Parkinson and Philippe Langlois will be presenting on Thursday 29.10.2009 their new development on their “Fully-Automated Wireless Security Audit Platform on Embedded Hardware” and will release HostileWRT version 0.5.0 for the conference.

Looking for multimedia artists

We are looking for multimedia (mostly graphics) artists for a democompo project. You do not need to have an expert level in programming to participate (if your only contribution is good looking bitmap images, that’s already a lot!), even though a little background is advisable if you want to do animated thingies or some rendered effects (we could help you however). This mini-project consists in developing a compo on the