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FPGA Workshop 4: Behind the Scenes (November 8)

DESCRIPTION In the previous workshops, we have seen that FPGAs can emulate any logic circuit without moving (mechanical) parts. FPGAs are however not magic nor mystical devices and this workshop will shed light on how they work internally. After theoretical explanations on their functioning, we will program them very close to the “bare silicon” by configuring manually each logic element on the chip, without any Verilog or schematics. This will

Security: do avatars dream of digital sheep?

There will be a round table during the first instance of Open World Forum in Paris with one of /tmp/lab member (Philippe Langlois) on Thursday 1st of October 2009. The theme of the roundtable is “Internet 3: new era of freedom, or a totalitarian nightmare? Virtual worlds and multiple identities: are we heading for digital schizophrenia? Data protection, individual liberties and a private life, traceability… What are the technological implications?

Abbenay Hackerspace – Call for Support

The Abbenay hacklab [1] opened early this month in Stockholm [2], where a housing crisis is at full blow. We are set up in a place that was squatted downtown by Kommando Carl Bildt since late August, called AK4. The house was empty since June, and there was no plans to use it until one year and a half. Unfortunately, squats are very unusual in Sweden, and the discussions with

Sanobot data for the first half of September

The CSV data from Sanobot for the first half of September is now available here: sanobot_half_sept.csv. Sanobot is the toxic gas sensor and Twitter bot of /tmp/lab. The first column of the CSV gives the Unix time at which the measurement was taken. The other two columns are the ADC output for respectively the TGS2602 and the TGS2600. For information about how to interpret the data, see here: http://lekernel.net/blog/?p=509 and

Distributed SAT Solver Cryptanalysis went great!

Mate Soos gave us a great workshop on SAT Solver Cryptanalysis and his project about Distributed SAT Solving. As soon as I’m back from ekoparty (Buenos Aires, Argentina), I will try what he posted on the /tmp/lab mailing list. In the meantime, life is blooming in Paris with now 5 hacker spaces starting or alive and kicking! 🙂 (La Suite Logique : http://www.lasuitelogique.org/, La porte logique, Free Fermentology Foundation :

Pollution sensors experiments

We have started experimenting with the air pollution sensors. First setup: The Figaro gas sensors mounted on a piece of Veroboard: View of the big scary Arduino used to plot the first graphs. 1min/div. Looks like it’s working as both smell (from the chemical factory) and measured voltage go up during the third minute: More to come soon!

Stages au /tmp/lab – internships

Vous voulez avoir un stage intéressant? Travailler sur de l’Open Source? Ne pas bosser pour des prunes pour Google? Bosser avec des gens venant d’horizon variés et possédant une vraie passion et une vraie expertise technique (wow, ca commence a ressembler a une pauvre annonce de RH toute naze 😉 hehe), eh bien maintenant c’est possible car on ouvre les stages au /tmp/lab. Contactez nous si ca vous interesse. Want

Toxic Gas Sensors

Those of you who have been to the /tmp/lab may have experienced the delicate smells of the nearby chemical factory. We want to learn more about this pollution, so we will implement an automated measurement system. To monitor the air concentration of pollutants, we use cheap sensors made by a company called Figaro. The models used are TGS2600 and TGS2602; the same are used by the FridaV project. The TGS2600

FPGA Workshop #3: Computer Architecture, August 29th

Computer architecture is the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components to create computers that meet functional, performance and cost goals (Wikipedia). With the invasion of digital devices during the last decade (cellphones, wireless routers, digital TV…), it has become more than ever ubiquitous. However, it is still a poorly known subject for most people. Even among the self-proclaimed hardware hacking community, most fanatics of the Arduino development

Distributed Crypto SAT Solving workshop, Sept 10th

In this workshop led by Mate Soos (PhD in INRIA Rhone-Alpes) we will take a distributed SAT solver design that works similar to SETI@Home and hack it until it works faster, gives better results. The results will be public and the solver downloadable, along with the server to enable anyone to crack much-hyped but useless crypto-systems using collaborative effort. SAT solvers are mathematical tools that solve problems given in the

Hacker Space Fest in full blast…

HSF 2009 is going on, with great meetings and presentations. That’s a pleasure to see such a forum taking place with that many talented & energy giving people. You can check the photos & videos on the HSF 2009 (www.hackerspace.net) website.

HSF Build-Up In Progress

The Hacker Space Festival preparation is well under way. Already, people from the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Sweden showed up. More than 200 registrations were made so far and we’re waiting for the crowd to show up on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, if you’re around and want to give a hand during build-up, you’re welcome anytime: most of us are already in hack-mode and won’t leave the place before the end

/tmp/toor Tour Of Other Routes

Hellekin and LeKernel have started road trips of hackerspaces around Europe. The first /tmp/toor took place in May, gathering greetings for the Metalab’s 3rd birthday from Karlsruhe, Munich, Linz, Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Brussel, Luxemburg, Köln and Paris. The materials gathered during the trip are available at http://hellekin.cepheide.org/HSET/ One month later, LeKernel toured Northern and Central Europe from Paris to Brussel, Bochum, Hannover, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar,

Hacker Space Fest Schedule – 26th to 30th of June 2009, France.

======================================================================== == Hacker Space Festival #2: Program for 26-30 June 2009, Vitry/Seine == ======================================================================== We are proud to announce the HSF program for the events which will happen from the 26th to the 30th, of June 2009 at the /tmp/lab & 6 Bis in Vitry sur Seine. Hacker Space Fest aims to be an open forum for exchanges on Hacking, Art, Technology, Freedom, Openness and Society, and as such we

HSF2009: Deadline for Proposals Extended to May 12th

The HSF2009 Programming Committee[0] has extended the deadline for proposals to the upcoming Hacker Space Festival[1] next month. Fellow hackers can send conferences and workshops proposals until May 12 (next week). After this date, the CFP will be closed for good. For late proposals: Re-read the Call For Proposals[2] Make sure you can come in the first place Do use the provided fields from the CFP As a reminder: this